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In the first part of this 7 Minute Money article – you can read it from here – you’ve mentioned across the social networks that I will not complete the second part until you reach the readings in 2000 read , but unfortunately so far reached only in 1700 , a figure soon and a very good way, and I have many topics to write it hear and be guided I will continue this part
We agreed that in the first part of an investor who wishes to invest with you , and you invest your clicks of your product is not changed and therefore the question of ( what should the oldest ) to ( what should prove ) even persuaded the investor to risk me in the draft
The most important point for investors who have faced is how your focus in this work , so I always prefer a full-time person because all of his time to this work , and if not this person is willing to sacrifice his salary or his job , how the investor to risk sacrificing a large sum with you? Simply Put yourself in his place , this point may be a point of contention among many , but the point is to get out of the following
What do you currently have ? Do you have any prototype How close to your success ? Is it just an idea ? Do not worry if the subject was just an idea you may be able to convince the investor in the first section ( family and friends ) easily , but to be able to convince others and you are still the owner of the idea must have a previous attempt and successful , many of the founders of successful projects or previous found investors in the idea new before to prove anything he has previous experience successful
What is a prototype ? And how do I build it ? The prototype means a smaller version and is the final of your business and what I am from a technical background and software Vsathdt programs and applications and sites , and which is a lines of code , which does not require a lot of money to build it is a code you type in case you are a developer design or in case you are well and that you are working on in extra time in case you are on the job until it comes out and then submit it to the investor to devote to this work later
Mostly in the prototype will be fully staffed , but the characteristics of little or no design or model , for example, Bjamil profiteering is not clear and it is important that it provides value or solve a problem or a need in people
I have an idea what should I do ?
In case you’re a programmer and you can work on your idea , do it directly to work and even fired and start attracting people from all of this advantage and increase your strength and points to convince you , but to those who will invest with you and puts you in a position of strength to negotiate a large proportion
In the event were not a programmer , you have to invest on your own , and I advise you that the team is not looking for work – partners – in the beginning , because these are a big problem , at least in the Arab world is not a commitment to Mtwajadda abundance here and the best way is to write your idea and planned by the paints and paper and then search the sites that offer services ( worker wage per hour) or the so-called ( Freelance freelance) and start with him and through this process , you will learn a lot and come out prototype can in case persuaded an investor do that employs programmers to work on this project or even then you may find those who are willing to work with you as partners or in a team work and sacrifice for this idea
From the above we always have to prove that we can implement the idea first and it will be easier if you have a prototype and in the world of technology and the Internet , the prototype inexpensive Every Matanajh is to write the code and implement it on the Internet and then you have to keep a clear example of win or expansion so that you have a clear goal as to where you would like to reach
For example, site Twitter he had a model via 7 Minute Money System , but probably has never worked on this model and start to focus on growth and access to the number of users and many of then arrived at the new models for win
You have to prove yourself also on a personal level through your contribution to the society in which in which you trade mark should appear and shopping for yourself in order to hear from you people and then when preparing your model first surely your chances will be more because your access will be faster and your marketing to the idea of your production is just a product of the brand you are
What if you actually begun to reap money from the 7 Minute Money project , even if a few ? This will also be a strong reason to convince investors , what if you have an alternative plan in the event of failure , God forbid, or a plan for how the project can be transferred to another project to take advantage of what has been built so far , all this gives you more of the strengths and persuasion
Ultimately if you do not you get tired and prove yourself not wait to trust one what you have and getting ready to sacrifice his money to support you , unfortunately a lot call me and tell me that he has an idea and he did not even write them on paper to clarify and here told him sadly that what he has is just a dream him to wake him to start gaining